Contractors Info Page

Welcome, Contractors! Below are links to helpful information for contractors doing business with the University.

If you are dealing with a facilities emergency on campus, please call (775) 784-8020.

BASIC REQUIREMENTS - While there are multiple requirements in order to do business with the University, at the most basic the Contractor must possess both a business license in good standing (from Nevada or another state), and a valid contractor's license from the Nevada State Contractor's Board, with the appropriate designation for the work. Please be prepared to provide proof of all licensing required.

CURRENT BID INFO - for all construction projects valued over $100K, the formal bidding process is run through BCN Purchasing, the purchaser for the University of Nevada, Reno.

  • INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS - all contractors are required to carry insurance for any work on campus. The particular limits depend on the construction value.
  • PERFORMANCE AND PAYMENT BONDS - All contractors must provide bonding on projects valued over $100,000, or bid through BCN Purchasing.
  • PREVAILING WAGES - All University construction projects valued at over $220,000 are subject to the prevailing wage rules of NRS 338. Even if your contract is valued at less than this, your work may be subject to prevailing wages if it is in conjunction with other contracts on the same project. All wages must be reported through the use of LCPtracker. For contracts less than $1 Million, the University will invite the Contractor to report within the University's account (free of charge). For contracts over $1 Million, the Contractor will be required to set up and host the project's prevailing wage reporting on their own paid account. For questions, contact our administrator.
  • SAMPLE CONTRACT DOCUMENTS - If you are performing construction work valued at over $25,000 with the University, you will be required to enter into a formal contract. If you would like to see a copy of a template, please just let us know.

DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS - All work at the University must conform to our standards. These are updated on an annual basis and are incorporated into every construction project's contracts.

Have more questions? Want to learn about construction projects valued at less than $100,000? Please email us!

USA Dig Requirements

Requirements. Any time you are preparing to dig on the University of Nevada property with machinery beyond a shovel, utilities are to be marked to prevent injury and damage to utilities. Call 811 or visit to initiate the utility location process.  Be prepared to enter all of the information contained in the form.

Policy. The university USA Dig Coordinator or designate can be contacted by emailing University Facilites Maintenance Group and outside utilities will complete marking of utilities within 48 hours of the request. Each group will mark the location with a different colored paint designating the type of utility that can be found underground. Once all markings are complete by the university, the USA Dig coordinator will close ticket with a reply of clear, marked, no remark, or unable to mark.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to this, are there any good references?
For a brief reference, see this brochure.   A more detailed,

Why can't I just dig? When do I need to call?  What if it is an emergency?
There are underground utilities that could cause serious personal injury if contacted.  Also service interruptions are not only inconvenient, but can be life threatening around our medical campus.  You need to call at least 2 working days prior to your excavation.  An emergency is defined as "a sudden, unexpected occurrence that involves clear and imminent danger and requires immediate action..."  If the excavation is an emergency, please contact the FMS service center (775) 784-8020 for immediate action.

If I am hand digging, do I need to call?
If hand digging without powered equipment, then a call is not necessary.  If utilities are suspected nearby and you would like to avoid contacting them, please call 811 so that they can be marked.

What information do I need to provide when I call?
You will need to include everything here. An online method is also available.

How do I mark my excavation site?
The industry wide method of pre-marking your excavation site is to use white paint.  Other methods that will suffice include white stakes, white flags, white whiskers, white chalk and even white baking flour in a pinch.  White is the only color identifier that is recognized for proposed excavation.  

How are utilities located?  How accurate are the markings?
The utilities are located by locating signals and previous maps.  The tolerance is 24" on either side of the mark.

Why are there different colors of paint in my dig area?
Each color represents a different utility.  There is also a complete reference list.

What happens if I encounter something that isn't marked?
If you have damaged a utility (natural gas, electricity, etc.) that poses an emergency, dial 911 immediately.  While we try to maintain the most accurate representation of underground utilities, some utilities were buried decades ago without documentation.  If you encounter something, please contact the USA dig coordinator immediately so that it can be identified for safety and also update map for future communication.

How long is the dig request good for?
The dig request is valid for 28 calendar days.  If additional time is needed, the dig request may be extended.  If weather or unforeseen event has removed marks, a request to remark the area may be completed at this time.  If the area is an active gated construction zone, the University will not attempt to remark.

What should I do when I complete my job?
Please follow the Facilities Design and Construction Standards as it pertains to the work that has been accomplished.  It is also recommended that the excavator be responsible for removing all marks in reference to their required dig request. 

Who should I contact if I have additional questions?
The USA Dig Coordinator should be contacted.  To contact the most immediate person, please contact:  (775) 784-8020 or email