Welcome! This page contains links and documents with helpful information for those doing planning & construction business with the University.

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Current Projects

We have several over two-hundred ongoing construction projects at the University. While the majority of these projects are things such as room remodels, electrical projects, and asphalt repairs, we do have several capital improvement projects (full building renovations and new buildings) in design or under construction. These capital improvement projects are listed on our Current Construction page.

Parking at Campus

Campus Parking is fee-based for all, including consultants, contractors, University employees, students, and visitors. Please note that, aside from load zones, parking fees are not waived or included for those doing business at the University. For brief parking (e.g., plan delivery) there are 15-minute loading zones available. The load zone map includes loading zones (green) and service vehicle spaces (red). To park up to 15 minutes in the service vehicles spaces, you must first obtain a complimentary pass from Parking & Transportation Services. For infrequent parking needs, there are coin meters around campus that cost $1.50/hour. On the map, these are the pink zones or the blue ticket dispenser zones. For extended parking, Contractor Permits are $680/year or $68.00 per month, and are designated to specific zones. The Contractor Permit will also allow you to use the service vehicle spaces for 15-minute loading/unloading. For questions about parking or obtaining a permit, please contact Parking & Transportation Services at (775) 784-4654.

Building Access

To gain access to a building for work, you will need to obtain a key through Facilities Maintenance Services. It is against University policy for Facilities Services staff to give access to buildings for contractors (e.g., letting someone in to a room to work). Please contact your University project manager well in advance of scheduled work to learn how to obtain a key for the duration of your access needs.