Students of Color

Being a college student is an exciting time in your life. As a student of color, you might be one of the first persons in your family or your community to attend college. You might even be inspired to study because you want to contribute financially to your family after college, or so they can be proud of your achievements.

The reality is that people from diverse racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds continue to struggle with stereotyping, discrimination, and economic inequality. This continues to be the case despite people of color comprising almost forty percent of the American population and being increasingly visible in all aspects of American culture. For this reason, students of color might face specific challenges in college beyond the ordinary ones, such as dating, roommates and pressure to do well academically.

A student of color might feel isolated and different. In some classes you might be the only person of color and might feel pressure to speak for your entire racial or ethnic group. You might experience prejudice from other students or may feel underestimated by some professors. On the other hand, your family and community may not understand the pressures you have as a college student and ask more of you at home than you can handle. Finally, some students of color may have internalized society's negative views about them and that might impact their self-esteem and confidence.

If you feel affected by any of these issues, counseling can help you stay emotionally healthy, as you achieve your university goals. Do not hesitate to contact the University of Nevada, Reno Counseling Services. Our counselors are from diverse backgrounds and are highly trained to provide services to diverse and multicultural students. We would welcome an opportunity for you to visit us!

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