Jodi Thomas

Jodi Thomas, PsyD

Director of Training, Associate Director, Licensed Psychologist she/her/hers


Thank you for your interest in getting to know me! I am a Licensed Psychologist and hold the roles of Director of Training/Associate Director and Diversity Committee Co-Chair at the University of Nevada, Reno Counseling Services. I have been working in college counseling consistently since 2008, and at the University specifically, since 2016. I identify as a white, queer/pansexual, confused spiritual humanist, middle-class, first gen college student, cis woman, born and raised in the Midwestern US. I love connecting in relationships with others, continually finding awe in our universe and coming to understand my own being, particularly through activities such as cooking, hiking, caring for my dog, reading, roller derby, climbing, music, art, meditation, activism, dancing and playing.

My clinical work at Counseling Services includes individual and group therapy, and also, outreach and consultation, and I am heavily involved in training and supervision of clinicians in training and early career clinicians. I approach therapy and supervision from a Relational, Feminist, and Humanistic framework. I believe that being in “right relationship” with my clients and others is a significant part of the changing and healing process. My intent in relationship is to ground in compassion for others and myself, to interact ethically, to honor heart and trust in our goodness. I am committed to consciousness raising for myself and with those I work; to showing up for, advocating and empowering my fellow humans who are oppressed in various systems; and to continually working to do better and stay humble in these processes.

Although I am a generalist clinician who works with a variety of concerns, I specialize in working under the wide umbrella of sexuality and gender concerns, attention concerns, queer issues, transgender-affirmative therapy and women’s issues. I also have great interest in working with disability and with extraordinary states of consciousness. Furthermore, I am an LGBTQ+, Kink and Poly-affirming/knowledgeable therapist.