Book a same-day initial consultation

Counseling Services now offers students the ability to schedule an initial consultation online after completing a short prescreening. In order to best serve our students, ALL initial consultations are scheduled on a same-day scheduling basis. We do not schedule initial consultation appointments for future dates. The scheduling system opens at 6:30 a.m. Monday-Friday. Accessing the system early will help ensure appointment availability to accommodate your schedule.

What is an initial consultation?

Initial consultation appointments are typically 50 minutes, if paperwork is completed in advance. We have limited daily initial consultation appointments, so students should contact us early on a day that works well for them. Due to our heightened demand for service, appointments fill up quickly. 

If you are requesting to schedule an appointment with your academic advisor, please contact (775) 784-4684 or visit Academic Advising.

Step 1: Complete your prescreen questions

To book your same-day initial consultation, please review the questions below:

  • Have you been in therapy at the University's Counseling Services within the past year?
  • Are you 17 years of age or younger?
  • Are you enrolled in less than 6 credits at the University of Nevada, Reno?
  • Is your current physical location outside of the state of Nevada?

Please note that answering "yes" to any of the statements does not make you ineligible for counseling services. We simply need to process your information differently. We look forward to hearing from you.

Urgent Care appointments

If students have urgent psychological concerns, they have an opportunity to meet with a clinician during our Urgent Care hours. The hours for this service vary.

Please contact Counseling Services at (775) 784-4648 for information. Due to the nature of this service, students may experience a wait time to see a counselor.