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Club Advisor

Who can be an advisor?

Advisors of ASUN Clubs and Organizations must be employed by the University of Nevada, Reno as faculty or classified staff members. Advisors are expected to contribute sound and mature judgment to the members in fulfilling the group's educational and social goals. All undergraduate student organizations are encouraged to be recognized by the ASUN so they can be officially associated with the University of Nevada, Reno and gain access to a variety of resources.

What is the role of an Advisor on the University of Nevada, Reno campus?

Role of Faculty or Staff Adviser of a University Recognized Organization
Section 3,010, University Administrative Manual

"The faculty or staff adviser of a university-recognized organization serves as the university's representative to that organization. The adviser should be aware of university regulations and policies involving recognized organizations, especially those regarding use of university facilities, alcoholic beverages, use of university vehicles, and official university travel. An ASUN representative is available to help interpret and understand university and ASUN regulations"

  • Mentor
  • Team Builder
  • Conflict Mediator
  • Reflective Agent
  • Educator
  • Motivator
  • Policy Interpreter

What are the responsibilities of an advisor?

The advisor of an ASUN-recognized student organization should:

  • Be informed about the purpose and the programs of the organization they agree to advise.
  • Be aware of the university policies and procedures governing student activities and organizations.
  • Ensure that the officers are aware of these policies and procedures.
  • Attend meetings and activities whenever possible, thereby providing guidance and continuity to the organization.
  • Provide advice that will direct the group's efforts toward meeting its long-term goals.

Advisor of the Year Award

The 2013-2014 Advisor of the Year award was presented to Dr. Beatriz Robinson, the advisor of the Spanish Club. The recipient is awarded based on their demonstrated commitment to the student club or organization they advise. This commitment can come through the form of meaningful contributions of time, energy, service, and resources as well as a promotion of academic and extracurricular excellence to the students they work alongside. Below are a few words from the nomination submissions:

Image of Club advisor Dr. Robinson

Congratulations to Dr. Beatriz Robinson and thank you for serving this student organization!

Advisor Resources:

ACPA Advisor Manual - ACPA's (American College Personnel Association) Commissioner for Student Involvement created this great guide cover a broad range of topics and tips for advising student clubs and organizations.

ASUN Website - Direct your students to the Clubs and Organizations section under Get Involved for important information.

Advising Clubs and Organizations - Important components of advising ASUN Clubs and Organizations.

Managing, Supervising, Advising, and Mentoring - Great article on the various hats advisors wear.

Fall 2014 Updates - State of clubs and organizations and resources available to you and the clubs and organizations you advise.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act via (FERPA)

University Policies and Regulations:

Student Code of Conduct

Policies Relating to Student Activities

For additional information, please contact Rocio Ayard-Ochoa, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Clubs and Organizations, or 775-784-6589.

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