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Colloquia & Seminars

The Department of Mathematics & Statistics colloquium speakers give 50-minute presentations on various mathematical and statistical topics. Colloquia are schedule from 2:30pm - 3:30pm unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to meet with a speaker, please contact to schedule a meeting.
We look forward to your participation in our upcoming colloquia!


13-June Dr. Casey Machen
Michigan State University
Abelian Varieties Associated to Clifford Algebras DMSC 102 Dr. Javier Rojo

15-June (11AM)

Dr. Mohit Kumbhat
Iowa State University
Choosability with separation in Graphs DMSC 103 Dr. Javier Rojo
17-June Dr. Zhijun Yin
Ohio University
My toy example for MPKC DMSC 102 Dr. Javier Rojo
8-July Dr. Rodrigo Gaitan
University of California, Riverside
Modeling Inhomogenous Gamma Point Processess with an Almost Periodic Baseline Intensity Function DMSC 102 Dr. Javier Rojo

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