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Intelligent Systems

Our research in intelligent systems focuses on developing systems that are better able understand and respond to the world around them. Improving the way that intelligent systems can perceive their environment and make decisions about how to act in is an exciting area of research with applications in domains ranging from surveillance to health care to advanced manufacturing.

In our department, we have two main areas of focus: computer vision and robotics.

Our research in computer visions seeks to develop automated systems that can approximate human vision both in terms of perception and understanding. Faculty are focused on developing new solutions to problems such as grouping and background/foreground segmentation.

Our robotics research focuses primarily on human factors, including human-robot interaction, robot learning and intent recognition.

Research Projects

Browse a list of representative research projects on our projects page:

Research Labs

Computer Vision Laboratory (CVL)

Primary Contacts: George Bebis and Mircea Nicolescu
Major Focus: Object recognition, visual motion analysis, 3-D reconstruction, face detection/recognition, biometrics, tracking and pose estimation projects of human body/head/ hand/eye-gaze, surveillance and human activity recognition.
Website: Computer Vision Laboratory Website

Robotics Research Laboratory

Primary Contact: Monica Nicolescu and David Feil-Seifer
Major Focus: Mobile and articulated robotics, multi-agent systems, machine learning, motion planning, human-robot interaction, biologically inspired robotics, and human activity recognition.
Website: Robotics Laboratory Website

Faculty in this area

George Bebis PhotoGeorge Bebis

Professor and Chair
(775) 784-6463

David Feil-Seifer PhotoDavid Feil-Seifer

Assistant Professor
(775) 784-6469

Richard Kelley PhotoRichard Kelley

Research Assistant Professor
(775) 784-6974

Hung La PhotoHung (Jim) La

Assistant Professor
(775) 682-6862

Sushil Louis PhotoSushil Louis

(775) 784-4315

Mircea Nicolescu PhotoMircea Nicolescu

Associate Professor
(775) 784-4356

Monica Nicolescu PhotoMonica Nicolescu

Associate Professor
(775) 784-1687

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