Who is my advisor?

  • Freshmen, sophomores and incoming transfer students are advised by the College of Engineering Advising Center.
  • Computer science and engineering majors who have completed 60 credits are advised by a member of the CSE faculty.

Advising forms

CSE advisors

Juniors and seniors: Appointments with your advisor should be made using Navigate (check for available hours and make an appointment). if you are unable to schedule an appointment please email faculty directly. 

Faculty advisors for juniors and seniors
Student last name Advisor Email Office
A-Atk Engin Arslan WPEB 421
Atl-Bern Sarah Davis WPEB 315
Bero-Bz George Bebis WPEB 411
 C-Com Sergiu Dascalu WPEB 311
Con-Den Keith Lancaster WPEB 215
Deo-Es Eelke Folmer WPEB 403
Et-Fra Emily Hand WPEB 415
Frb-God Fred Harris, Jr. WPEB 437
Goe-Hen Erin Keith WPEB 433
Heo-Ht Hung (Jim) La WPEB 305
Hu-Ken Nancy LaTourrette WPEB 419
Keo-Lee Sushil Louis WPEB 409
Lef-Martin Tin Nguyen WPEB 435
Martine-Min Mircea Nicolescu WPEB 413
Mio-Nep Monica Nicolescu WPEB 307
Neq-Pat Christos Papachristos WPEB 309
Pau-Qz Shamik Sengupta WPEB 313
R-Rz Eelke Folmer TBD
S-Sn Alireza Tavakkoli WPEB 417
So-Tor Feng Yan SEM 233
Tos-Wan Lei Yang WPEB 427
Wao-Z Dongfang Zhao WPEB 431

Tech electives

Valid tech electives
Course Prefix Course Number  Course Name Department/Program
IS 301 Management Information Systems  Information Systems
IS 360 Internet Programming I  Information Systems 
IS 445 Project Management: Principles and Practice Information Systems
IS 460 Internet Programming II Information Systems
IS 470 Computer Security, Controls, and Information Assurance  Information Systems
IS 475 Database Design and Implementation Information Systems

Please note: To request a course to count as a tech elective, please email Monica Nicolescu.

Computer engineering tech electives

CS courses
Course Prefix Course Number Course Name
CS 415 Parallel Computing
CS 433 Data Intensive Computing
CS 442 Cloud Computing
CS 445 Internet Security
CS 447 Computer Systems Administration
CS 450 Fundamentals of Integrated Computer Security
CS 453 Mobile Computing Security and Privacy
CS 454 Reliability and Security of Computing Systems
CS 455 Mobile Sensor Networks
CS 484 Virtual Reality
IS courses
Course Prefix Course Number Course Name
IS 301 Management Information Systems
IS 470 Computer Security, Controls and Information Assurance
IS 477 Data Communications
EE courses
Course Prefix Course Number Course Name
EE 320 Electronics I
EE 330 Engineering Electronics
EE 421 Digital Electronics
EE 423 Integrated Circuit Engineering
EE 426 Microprocessor Applications
ME courses
Course Prefix Course Number Course Name
ME 350 Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
ME 422 Introduction to Robotics