Data & software systems

Researchers in data and software systems are developing computational and software solutions to advance the collection and use of big data for scientific research. Research in this area also focuses on enhancing human-computer interaction and facilitating data and software-intensive interdisciplinary projects.

Faculty specializing in software systems are leveraging the power of modern computing and technology to develop new techniques and tools that increase productivity in research projects and industrial applications. Research in human-computer interaction focuses on developing new locomotion techniques for navigation in virtual reality and new ways of interacting, such as brain-computer interfaces.

In big data, we aim to advance fundamental data-centric research and data-driven domain discoveries, build data infrastructure for scientific research, and develop a 21st-century data-skilled workforce, which is in very high demand.

Research findings and results in data and software systems apply to a large variety of human activity domains, including healthcare, economics, social networking, renewable energy, environmental studies, education and entertainment. To this end, our faculty members closely collaborate with industry to work on substantial, innovative and impactful projects.


Data & software systems research labs

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  • Big Data Analytics and Informatics Lab

    Major Focus: We focus on fundamental problems in big data analytics and informatics on cross-disciplinary fields including Fog Computing, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber-Physical Systems, Mobile Social Networks, Cognitive Radio Networks, and Smart Grids.

  • Cyber Infrastructure Lab (CIL)

    Major Focus: Creation of new computing environments and methodologies that enable and accelerate scientific research and discovery, system and software architectures, techniques and tools for multi-disciplinary data-intensive projects, parallel computing, high-speed secure communication networks, data visualization, human-computer interaction for research activities, and advanced data acquisition, processing, and management.

  • High Performance and Data Intensive Computing (HPDIC) lab

    Major Focus: We are committed to conducting high-impact research in Data Management Systems, Distributed Systems, and Parallel Computing. The lab comprises an international team of enthusiastic and experienced researchers, keeping strong collaborations with other universities, national labs, and industry partners. Currently, the lab is leading various projects in Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, and Blockchain Systems, whose results are published in prestigious journals and conferences.

  • High Performance Computation and Visualization Lab

    Major Focus: Parallel and distributed computation, graphics, scientific visualization, and virtual reality applications.

  • Intelligent Data and Systems Lab (IDS Lab)

    Major Focus: Big Data and Systems, with a specific focus on using data and system techniques to help improve the performance, efficiency, reliability, and security of domain applications. Current key research areas include Deep Learning/Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing, Storage, and the cross-disciplinary topics among them and others. We closely collaborate with industry partners to solve important yet challenging problems to generate real-world impact.

  • University of Nevada Virtual Reality Lab (UNVR Lab)

    Major Focus: Virtual reality, with a specific focus on developing and evaluating cost-effective intuitive methods (walking-in-place, teleportation) for virtual locomotion that offer a high presence while minimizing or reducing VR sickness.

  • Software Engineering Laboratory (SOELA)

    Major Focus: Requirements specification, software architectures, software systems, user interface design, software frameworks and environments, tools for scientific and interdisciplinary research, model and data interoperability, simulation environments, software usability, project management.


Data & software systems faculty

Software Systems
Engin Arslan
Engin Arslan Assistant Professor
(775) 784-6917
SEM 238
Software Systems
Sergiu Dascalu
Sergiu Dascalu Professor
(775) 784-4613
SEM 236
Software Systems
Eelke Folmer
Eelke Folmer Professor and Chair
(775) 784-7592
SEM 241
Software Systems
Fred Harris
Fred Harris Professor
(775) 784-6571
SEM 240A
Software Systems Bioinformatics
Tin Nguyen
Tin Nguyen Assistant Professor He, him, his
(775) 784-6619
SEM 230
1352 Bioinformatics
Software Systems
Feng Yan
Feng Yan Assistant Professor
(775) 784-6448
SEM 233
Software Systems
Lei Yang
Lei Yang Assistant Professor
(775) 682-6872
SEM 212
Software Systems
Dongfang Zhao
Dongfang Zhao Assistant Professor
(775) 784-1410
SEM 206