Why major in computer science and engineering?

Computer science and engineering is a diverse field, with a wide range of challenges, opportunities and job prospects for graduates. Explore the areas of focus in our field and learn more about the many different paths you can pursue with a bachelor's degree in computer science and engineering:

Careers in computer science and engineering

Computer science salary*

  • Median starting salary: $75,900

*Salary data from the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2022 salary survey.

Computer science and engineering majors receive a broad education in both hardware and software. As a result, our graduates are well-prepared for diverse jobs across the computing industry, including jobs projected to see rapid growth by the U.S. Department of Labor such as software developers, network architects, systems analysts and research scientists.

Preparing to study engineering

Succeeding in engineering requires a strong background in math. We recommend that all incoming students are prepared to take Calculus 1 in their first year.

Learn more about how to prepare yourself to study engineering.

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