Central Station

The ASUN Central Station provides services for clubs and organizations year around. Services include: deposits, donations, time sheets, contracts, payment request , grants, university credit cards, copy machine codes, club accounting and free notary services.

Please visit the Forms Page for the up-to-date accounting forms.

Feel free to email Central Station if you have any questions and/or concerns.

Central Station Trainings

The central station trainings are required but not limited to all Presidents and Treasures of a club or organization to go to once a year. Please fill out the Central Station Training form to sign up for the WebCampus training.

Club Accounts (Checking, Savings, Credit Cards)

University policy states that all revenues generated by the University and all expenditures for goods and services must be recorded and accounted for within the financial accounting system of the institution. For student clubs and organizations, this means that all moneys collected or raised by the club, including dues, collections for purchases of uniforms or t-shirts, ticket sales, and all student contributions towards events, must be deposited into the ASUN club account, and the funds generated spent from this club account. The use of University funds or assets for any personal, unlawful, or improper purpose is prohibited.

Once your club is recognized, you may activate your account by making a deposit at the ASUN Central Station. No off campus checking, saving or credit card accounts can be created by a club member or an advisor. The University of Nevada, Reno Administrative Manual (Section 1060 page 42) stipulates, "Bank accounts outside the University are NOT permitted for any funds relating to university or university-related activities." If your club has an account off campus, please close it immediately and deposit the money into your individual club account.

The ASUN Central Station will not provide cash advances or monetary change for your fundraiser, therefore, please make arrangements to collect monetary resources for change prior to the fundraiser. If checks will be deposited, please make the checks payable to the Board of Regents. The organization should deposit the monies to ASUN Central Station to the club account within 72 hours of the fundraiser. It is advised that the organization treasurer is held responsible for the collection and deposit. If the key to the cash box is not returned the club or organization will be charged $10 for a replacement key.

  • Donations

    If your club receives a donation from a business or individual, some if not all of that can be a tax deductible for the donor. ASUN has set up a foundation account with the University for all clubs. All or a portion of the gift may be tax-deductible. If so, an appropriate tax receipt will be provided.

    Donations fall into three categories. See the Forms Page for all forms:

    • Gift - a donation made without an expectation of a benefit, i.e. Money
    • Gift-in-kind - a non-cash donation made without an expectation of a benefit, i.e. Food for event, Equipment, etc.
    • Sponsorship (No form needed) - a cash or non-cash donation made with an expectation of a benefit, i.e. advertising

    When paying by check, regardless of the designation of your donation, please make it payable to: "University of Nevada, Reno Foundation" and then indicate on the Memo Line the specific club or organization. If you get a check, you must pickup a donation form from ASUN and have the donor fill it out before you can deposit the money into your account. Donations can also be made online by credit/debit card at University Giving. Please select ASUN Club Account for "Designation" and in the "Comments Box" at the bottom please put the Club's Name you would like to donate to (Black Student Organization, Circle K, etc.).

    **Not putting the name of the club in the comments box will result in the club not receiving your donation**

  • Receipts

    Receipts from purchases made with ASUN credit cards, checks or IPO's must be turned in to the ASUN Central Station within 24 hours. All receipts need to be itemized, if they are not then they are not considered receipts and will not be accepted.
    Any club that fails to submit receipts will not be allowed to request further services from the ASUN Central Station and may be charged $25.00 for cancellation of credit cards.

  • Deposits

    If your club needs to make a deposit into your club account please take the cash or check (made out to "Board of Regents" with club name in "Memo Line") to the ASUN Central Station. You will receive a receipt for your records.

  • Account Balance

    It is the responsibility of the club treasurer to keep track of club financial activity and account balances.  Club balances and activity sheets are available to the club president or treasurer at the Central Station upon request.

  • Contracts, Agreements, and Grants

    All contracts, agreements, and grants must FIRST go to the ASUN Central Station so the appropriate university personnel's signature can be on the contact, agreement or grant. The authority is invested only in the UNR Controller.

    Any and all contracts, agreements, or grants without appropriate prior approval are null and void and do not represent an obligation on the part of the university or ASUN/Student Engagement to make payment. This includes all contracts, agreements, or grants paid out of all university accounts including student club accounts, funds granted to clubs by ASUN, etc. Please contact the office at (775) 784-6589 or email the Center for Student Engagement before you move forward with your activity.

  • Notary Services

    Central Station provides notary services for all Nevada students. Students will need to bring the document to be notarized, one valid identification for each signer, and must have each signer present. Identification can be either a Driver's License or Passport. The types of notary services offered include Acknowledgments, Jurats or take verification upon oath or affirmation, and certified copies of the following documents: Birth, Death, Divorce and Marriage.

    Notary services are available during the open hours of the Central Station Office, however calling to make an appointment is highly recommended. Call (775) 784-6589, and make your appointment today!