Community Partners

Community organizations possess invaluable expertise and experience in demonstrating the ideals of civic engagement. The Center for Student Engagement seeks non-profit and government organizations who wish to join as co-educators by providing valuable opportunities for student involvement. In offering these volunteer co-curricular (not-for-credit) experiences, you are helping to teach students the importance of being informed and responsible citizens.

A major focal point of our partnerships with community organizations is to provide entry-level civic pathways. This means offering opportunities with minimal barriers to participation such as advanced or technical skills, long-term commitments, or significant amounts of training. These types of opportunities allow students to explore community needs and their own values in order to find a cause or organization they wish to pursue farther.

If you have opportunities for students to participate in the work of your organization and you wish to contribute to their educational experience, please consider partnering with the Center for Student Engagement.

Opportunities for your Organization

Student planting Trees

Community partners have a variety of opportunities to work with the Center for Student Engagement.

Community Partnership Process and Requirements

Students Wolding Wolf Pack Watet bottles

Community organizations interested in partnering with the Center for Student Engagement can start the process today.