It is the policy of the University of Nevada, Reno that all faculty, staff, students, postdoctoral scholars and volunteers engaged in planning and/or conducting research and other sponsored project activities receive training in the subject areas applicable to their roles and responsibilities. Please see below for information on the trainings offered through Sponsored Projects, Research Integrity, Animal Resources, and Environmental Health and Safety.

New Principal Investigator (PI) Training

All new PIs are required to successfully complete the following training:

Completion of the above two training classes is required before Sponsored Projects will set up a new sponsored project account for an awarded grant proposal.

Other Required Training

Depending upon the type of research one is performing and/or the funding source from which project funding is received, further training may be required.

Additional Training

The classes below are recommended as supplementary training.

  • Grant Proposal Budgeting: A tutorial on the fundamentals of grant proposal budgeting.
  • NIH Modular Budgeting: A tutorial on preparing modular budgets for grant proposals to the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • Effort Reporting: Tutorials on effort reporting basics, PI responsibilities, and pre-reviewer and certifier responsibilities. In addition, monthly effort reporting trainings and in-person trainings are available. To schedule, contact Michele Dondanville at 775-784-6360 or