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As part of its mission to support the scientifically sound and ethical conduct of human subjects research, and to meet all regulatory and accreditation requirements, the Research Integrity Office (RIO) requires that all researchers conducting such research complete training.  The training covers relevant topics about the history of human subjects research, ethical principles that serve as a framework for designing such research, and regulations and associated IRB oversight of such research. Training topics address how to conduct consent with participants, possible risks associated with various types of research and how to mitigate them when possible, special concerns and requirements for working with vulnerable populations, research in the international sector, and timely issues in current research design, for example, social media and internet research.  This training is intended not only to comply with applicable regulations and accreditation, but also can serve as an important means, particularly for researchers in training, to help them understand the relevant issues at play in human subjects research, and to apply that knowledge in terms of formulating their studies with the intent of upholding the social contract with research participants and with the perspective of the IRB in mind. The matrix below provides the sources and requirements for training for researchers and RIO staff and IRB Members.
Please refer to RIO Policy 21 for a matrix of training requirements.

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