How to register in IRBNet

Principal investigators, contact people (e.g., student investigators, study coordinators), and Responsible Officials must have a user-account in IRBNet to create, access, or amend; sign; and submit projects/packages in IRBNet. Do NOT create multiple user accounts.

Registering in IRBNet is simple and takes just minutes.

  1. Go to the IRBNet login page
  2. Click on "New User Registration" in the upper right corner of the IRBNet home page.
  3. in the spaces provided on the Registration page, enter First and Last Name, Username, Password, and Password Hint (recommended). NOTE: Passwords are required as validation for electronic signatures.
  4. Review the terms of use and click "Accept"
  5. For organization, enter "Nevada", click "Search", and select "University of Nevada, Reno" from the list. Click "Continue".
  6. Enter your telephone number and the email address you will use for IRBNet correspondence (University of Nevada, Reno; Yahoo or Gmail email accounts are recommended). Confirm the email address. Click "Continue".
  7. After confirming your information is correct, click "Register".
  8. IRBNet will send an email to the account you entered to confirm your registration request and notify you to complete the registration process. (If you do not receive an activation email, check your spam filter/junk mail box.)
  9. To complete the registration process, follo the instructions in the email.

Post-registration Considerations

  • If you forget your password, click on Forgot Your Password? in the upper right corner of the IRBNet home page and follow the instructions.
  • To change your username or password, log into IRBNet and click on User Profile in the upper right portion of the screen and follow the prompts.