The Sponsored Projects pre-award team collaborates with faculty and staff to facilitate the timely submission of sponsored project proposals, sponsor requests for revisions and/or additional information prior to issuing an award, and submission of sponsor approval requests during an active award.

Pre-award roles and responsibilities

  • Reviews all proposals prior to submission (including revisions, supplements, and continuations) for accuracy and compliance with agency and University policies
  • Proposal review includes request for proposal (RFP) requirements and application content including budgets and other required parts of the proposal such as the Statement of Work, CVs, Data Management Plans, Resources, etc.
  • Works with the principal investigator (PI) and staff on any proposal edits required to comply with sponsor and/or University requirements and policies prior to submitting
  • Submits proposals as the Authorized Representative for the University

Learn about your responsibilities and roles as a researcher, how to develop project budgets, the proposal review and award acceptance process and account setup.

Quick Reference Guide for proposal prep

Roles and responsibilities

Learn about principal investigator (PI), chair, dean, and Sponsored Projects roles and responsibilities in proposal preparation.

Guidelines and submission resources

Get assistance with your budget development, proposal guidelines and the submission processes.

Data management information

Learn about data management and use our information and resources to create your data management plan.

Proposal routing and approval

Learn about the mandatory review process for proposals and applications that request external support.


InfoEd Grants Management Software

Use our grants management system to find funding and for proposal development, approval, tracking, and reporting. Workspace

Learn about Workspace, the online environment for preparing federal grant applications.

National Science Foundation FastLane

Learn about the National Science Foundation (NSF) FastLane, the online environment for preparing NSF grant applications.

National Institutes of Health ASSIST

Learn about the National Institutes of Health (NIH) ASSIST, the online environment for preparing NIH grant applications.