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Finding funding

Finding sources of funding is a critical aspect of performing research. There is a wealth of opportunities for sourcing research operating funds, via government grants, foundations and other organizations. The University of Nevada, Reno provides the following grant-finding resources:

  • InfoEd SPIN: The world's largest online funding opportunity database with a robust set of features that includes the ability to save search criteria for automated searching and delivery of results. To get up and running in SPIN in just a few minutes, please contact Erika Waday to request the SPIN Quick Start Guide.

Internal grant writing and research proposal resources

Research & Innovation offers a variety of proposal support services, including:

Visit the University's faculty research hub for more information.

Agency specific information

Find grants for work within specific agencies:

Other information sources

Learn more about getting grants, including federal grants and outside foundations:

  • is the central place to find and apply for federal grants. This site lists all current discretionary funding opportunities from 26 agencies of the United States government.
  • The Foundation Center website will help locate prospective foundation funders.
  • The provides a full listing of federal programs.