Guidelines and submission resources

To assist principal investigators (PIs) with proposal preparation, below are some key guidelines and submission resources such as budget development, facilities and administrative (F&A) costs, salaries, use of subawards, tools for PIs, and information about proposals arriving late to Sponsored Projects.

Guidelines and submission information for PIs

Quick reference guide for proposal prep


Proposals arriving late to Sponsored Projects

To allow ample time for the pre-award proposal review, proposals are due to Sponsored Projects five full business days in advance of the submission deadline. In the event that a proposal arrives to Sponsored Projects on the deadline day, pre-award will not perform the typical proposal review. Rather, the focus will solely be on submitting the proposal in time to meet the sponsor deadline. It should be noted that submission of a proposal often implies agreement to the sponsor's award terms and conditions. During the pre-award review, unfavorable award terms and conditions are proactively addressed. However, when a proposal is submitted without ample time for pre-award review, there is not only the potential for an incomplete or inaccurate submission but also the risk of unfavorable award terms and conditions. If Sponsored Projects is unable to negotiate the unfavorable award terms and conditions, the University reserves the right to decline the award.