English department alumni

Travis Burke

International Development and Stabilization Specialist | Degree/Year: B.A. English, 2005 | Current Home: Portland, OR

After graduation, I went into the Peace Corps, which led to a career in international development and stabilization. My English skills proved incredibly helpful in both my graduate school experience and in work in Somalia, Afghanistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka and back home. Now, I'm designing training scenarios for U.S. and NATO troops, relying on my creative writing skills to develop realistic training that needs character backgrounds, plots, events, news pieces, propaganda and more.

Think about how the knowledge you received from the University of Nevada, Reno has prepared you to begin actually learning about the world and how you can shape yourself and your environment. If you are thinking about international development, particularly from Nevada, you will need some practical experience. Look into Peace Corps or NGOs who do smart work and contact them.