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"I wanted to show a range of students how they can make a positive, practical impact on their community with writing."

English students consult local leaders to assuage homelessness through writing

University of Nevada, Reno Professor William J. Macauley Jr. reflects on his past semester teaching English 401B and looks forward to applying similar teaching strategies

Frandsen Humanities Building

English master’s program focuses on bridging activism and education

University of Nevada, Reno Associate Professor Lynda Walsh looks forward to MAPE program’s fourth year, reflects on program’s success

Jail cells

Teaching in confinement

Two liberal arts professors teach criminal justice and literature behind bars

Tyler Nickl

Meet a fellow student

An English doctoral candidate at the University of Nevada, Reno, Tyler Nickl, has been working on his dissertation with the help of the Bilinski Fellowship. His dissertation focuses on Wallace Stegner and his students to understand how the politics of postwar America influenced the craft of writing. Nickl's overall hope for his dissertation is that it, "interests readers and writers of all sorts in what they inherit from the past through their literacy."

Nasia Anam

Meet a faculty member

Nasia Anam is an assistant professor of English literature and global Anglophone literature. Her research examines representations of migration between Europe, South Asia, North Africa and the United States in the colonial, postcolonial and contemporary eras. She received her Ph.D. in comparative literature at UCLA and has since taught at Princeton University, Williams College and California Institute of the Arts.