Course placement policies and procedures

The Core Writing Program maintains an offering of courses that are meant to serve the University of Nevada, Reno students' abilities appropriately. To that end, whatever the student's skill at his or her time of matriculation, the program seeks to allow all students to work at a level that best matches that skill. Those placed earlier in the sequence of courses available will receive additional development in expository composition, revision and critical reading while those placed farther along the sequence will develop their skills as writers of argumentative research-based essays. Placement procedures are therefore integral to the student-writer's development.

The table summarizes the route students can take to complete their ENG 102 requirement based on standard placement:

Route to complete ENG 102 requirement

Course Old SAT Verbal/Critical Reading New SAT EBRW (March 2016 and after) ACT Alternative Route
ENG 098 ≤430 ≤410 ≤17 N/A
ENG 100J 440-500 420-470 18-20 N/A
ENG 101 510-670 480-650 21-29 Pass ENG 098
ENG 102 680 and above 660 and above ≥30 Pass ENG 100J or Pass ENG 101 or Pass ENG 101 CBE

Core Curriculum substitutions

Any student seeking a Core Curriculum substitution for transfer coursework or who has any questions about the Core Curriculum or Core classes should contact the Core Curriculum office by email at, by phone at (775) 784-4710 or in-person (Room 206 of the Clark Administration Building).

The Core Curriculum substitution request can be completed online. The Core Writing office does not process these requests.