Language and linguistics requirements

Dozens of technology start-ups are commercializing linguistics research and competing to hire the relatively small pool of specialists on the topic, which isn't even taught at many U.S. universities. Suddenly, linguists have their pick of jobs as lexicographers, 'knowledge engineers' and 'vocabulary-resource managers.' - Wall Street Journal

The emphasis in English language and linguistics is an excellent complement to many other majors, including anthropology, speech pathology, education, philosophy and world languages. We offer courses in experimental phonetics, phonology, syntax, sociolinguistics, and language and gender. Linguistics majors can also investigate the historical development of language through courses in historical linguistics, Old English, Middle English and Old Norse.

Minor requirements (18 units)

  • Required course: ENG 412A Linguistics (take first if possible) (= 3 credits)
  • Choose one course from each of the following groups (= 12 credits):
    • Group 1 Phonetics & Phonology: ENG 412D Introduction to Phonology (3 credits) (CO9), 413DIntroduction to Experimental Phonetics (3 credits)
    • Group 2 Morphology and Syntax: ENG 411B Principles of Modern Grammar (3 credits)
    • Group 3 Sociolinguistics: ENG 413A Sociolinguistics (3 credits) (CO10), 416B Language and Gender (3 units) (CO10)
    • Group 4 Historical Linguistics: ENG 413B Historical Linguistics (3 units), 414A History of the English Language (3 units), 415A Old English (3 units)
  • General electives (= 3 credits). Any of the following not yet taken: ENG 411B, 412D, 413A, 413B, 413D, 414A, 415A, 415D, 416B, 431A, 432A; or other suitable courses with permission of the student's advisor and the linguistics faculty, e.g. ANTH 480, SPA 362, or SPAN 312.

Major requirements (36 units)

  • ENG 281 - Introduction to Language (3 units) OR ENG 282 - Introduction to Language and Literary Expression (3 units)
  • ENG 298 - Writing About Literature (3 units)
  • ENG 303 - Introduction to Literary Theory and Criticism (3 units)
  • ENG 411B - Principles of Modern Grammar (3 units)
  • ENG 412A - Linguistics (3 units)
  • ENG 412D - Introduction to Phonology (3 units) (CO9) or ENG 413D - Introduction to Experimental Phonetics (3 units)
  • ENG 413A - Sociolinguistics (3 units) (CO10) or ENG 416B - Language and Gender (3 units) (CO10)
  • ENG 414A - History of the English Language (3 units)
  • ENG 415A - Old English (3 units)
  • Electives (9 units) - Choose from other 400-level courses or an approved 300-level course. See course catalog for details.