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Club Sports

Club Sports Manual

The Club Sports Manual (PDF) serves as a guide outlining requirements and expectations for Club Sports. Be sure to familiarize yourself with this central resource for the success and longevity of your club.

Club Sports Council

The Club Sports Council is made up of representatives from all the different teams. All the information and forms for teams planning on traveling can be found here: Club Sports Travel Information

Club Sports Annual Renewal

In addition to the Club Renewal Process, at the beginning of each academic year/season, each Club Sports team needs to ensure the following paperwork is up to date and on file in the Center for Student Engagement Office with Cynthia Esparza, Assistant Director of Student Engagement, Clubs and Organizations.

Renewal Application (PDF)

At the beginning of every year, each club sport needs to submit a Club Sport Renewal Application to the Club Sports Council to determine competition tier status, priority for facilities, funding allotments, etc.

Club Sports Roster (PDF)

An up-to-date roster needs to be kept in the Center for Student Engagement Office.  This roster is used to prove who is a registered member with your team for insurance and liability reasons. 

Liability Waiver (PDF)

Each person on your team needs to have a waiver on file with the Center for Student Engagement office before they can participate in any sort of practice or game. This waiver needs to be updated each school year with the student's current contact information.

Volunteer Agreement (PDF)

Each coach needs to sign a volunteer agreement in order to work with student teams.  Coaches should set the dates of assignment from August to July of that school year, and submit a new volunteer agreement with the rest of the team's paperwork each school year.

First Aid/CPR Certification

At least two individuals from each team need to be First Aid/CPR certified with a copy of their certification cards on file in the Center for Student Engagement office.  Typically, teams will have their coach and one other member certified.  To find a certification course in your area, check out the American Red Cross. Teams should ensure that at least one First Aid/CPR certified person is at all practices and games. 

Games and Practice Information

Lombardi Facility Request

This form must be filled out before use of Lombardi's facilities will be approved. 

SEAB (Student Events Advisory Board)

SEAB is comprised of representatives from many different camps departments (Lombardi, Facilities, Student Union, Scheduling, ESI, and Campus Police). The goal of this board is to help students find to the resources to make their events possible. All club sports teams need to submit an SEAB Form and attend an SEAB meeting for games they are hosting on campus.

ESI Security

For all home games, teams are required to hire security. The Student Events Advisory Board will recommend the number of security guards needed and your club will need to contact ESI Security Solutions for reservations.

Accident/Injury Report (PDF)

In the case of an accident or injury, club sports must follow the guidelines set forth in the Club Sports Program, and an Accident/Injury Report Form must be submitted to ASUN.

New Club Sport

New Club Sports Recognition Application (PDF)

This form must be completed in order to receive the recognition as a new Club Sport in addition to the New Club Application.

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