Center for Student Cultural Diversity

Office of Diversity and Inclusion Mission

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion represents an institutional commitment to make the academic and social transition of underrepresented students to college life successful through exposure to academic programs and student services. We aim to be responsive to the needs of our campus' diverse constituents, and approach diversity as an ongoing effort to evolve and improve our University. Diversity Initiatives works closely with academic and administrative units to attract, advance and retain a diverse faculty to strengthen the link between diversity and academic excellence.

University Mission Statement

Inspired by its land-grant foundation, the University of Nevada, Reno provides outstanding learning, discovery, and engagement programs that serve the economic, social, environmental, and cultural needs of the citizens of Nevada, the nation, and the world. The University recognizes and embraces the critical importance of diversity in preparing students for global citizenship and is committed to a culture of excellence, inclusion, and accessibility.

President Johnson's Statement

In a "Dear Colleague" Letter from March 2016, President Johnson said:

"Diversity is at the core of our educational mission as a University. By creating opportunities for student learning that are directly related to a campus environment that values diversity, equity and inclusion, we become a better University - one that respects, supports and values all members of its diverse learning community."