Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Task Force was convened in early 2020 by President Marc Johnson and is facilitated by Dr. Eloisa Gordon-Mora, University Diversity and Inclusion Officer, and Jovonnie Esquierdo-Leal, Diversity and Inclusion Program Development Specialist. The Task Force, composed of representatives from all University units analyze existing trends, resources and best practice, including the findings from the 2019 Climate Survey, to develop the institutions first Diversity and Inclusion Strategic Plan.

Current committee members

Academic units

  • Adam Kirn, College of Engineering
  • Ashley Daftary, School of Social Work
  • Daniel Enrique Pérez, College of Liberal Arts
  • Dean William Payne, College of Agriculture, Biotechnology & Natural Resources
  • Eleni Oikonomidoy, College of Education
  • Julie Lucero, School of Community Health Sciences
  • Katherine McCall, College of Science
  • Linda Kopecky, University Libraries and Teaching & Learning Technologies
  • Matt Means, Honors College
  • Matthew Aguirre, Graduate School
  • Nicole Jacobs, School of Medicine
  • Paul Mitchell, Reynolds School of Journalism
  • Ronald Lembke, College of Business
  • Sarah Cummings, Core Curriculum, ex-officio member
  • Zhizhong Li, Orvis School of Nursing

Student Services and Athletics

  • Christopher Weir, Scheduling Services
  • Dean Kennedy, Residential Life
  • Erin Edgington, Honors College 
  • Everett Jackson, Admissions
  • Gabriela Ortiz Flores, ASUN
  • Jennifer Lowman, Student Persistence Research
  • Jose Miguel Pulido Leon, The Center
  • Jose Quiroga, Financial Aid
  • Mary Anne Christiansen, Disability Resource Center
  • Mayra Sierra-Ruiz, Records and Registration
  • Rhonda Bennet, Athletics
  • Romando Nash, Student Life Services
  • Sheena Harvey, Fitness and Recreational Sports

Marketing & Communications and IT

  • Angela Rudolph, Information Technology, Communications
  • David Branby, Marketing and Communications
  • Deaon Clausell, Marketing and Communications, Web
  • J’Neal Hachquet, Marketing and Communications, Marketing
  • John Trent, Marketing and Communications, News and Features
  • Karl Fendelander, Marketing and Communications, News and Features
  • Kerri Garcia, Marketing and Communications
  • Kirstin Swagman, Marketing and Communications, Online Media
  • Nicole Shearer, Marketing and Communications, Communications