Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Leadership Award

The Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Leadership Award, established in 2017, recognizes the exceptional and exemplary work of an individual, outside primary, work-related responsibilities, in advancing the values of, inclusion, equity, and diversity across the University of Nevada, Reno, and among the greater and surrounding communities. The award is announced at the annual Honor the Best ceremony and the recipient receives an award amount of $1,500.

Submission, campus selections process and timeline

Diversity & Inclusion will send a campus announcement calling for nominations in January 2022. Nominations should be sent to Cheyenne Magpantay at by Friday, March 11, 2022.

Nominees will be evaluated by a selection committee composed of the most recent recipient, two University Associate Deans of Diversity & Inclusion, and the University Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

The award recipient will be notified in early April and receive the award in early May.

Who can nominate?

Any current University employee may nominate an eligible candidate.

Nominee eligibility

Nominee must have five years of cumulative service at the University by the nomination date to be considered for this lifetime achievement award. In addition, the candidate must be a current, full-time University academic/administrative faculty or classified staff member that has not received this award.

How to nominate and nomination materials

Each nomination should contain the following information:

  1. A formal letter of nomination addressing:
    1. The nominator/s should indicate how they know the nominee, the length of time, and how they are familiar with the diversity work of the nominee.
    2. The nominee’s current role within the university
    3. How the nominee’s work in the area of inclusion, equity, and diversity is exceptional and meets the criteria of this award by answering these three questions:
      1. In regards to programming and/or educational efforts, how has the nominee advanced the understandings and practices of inclusion, equity, and diversity at the University by providing mentoring and leadership in the areas and beyond the nominee’s formal work responsibilities?
      2. In terms of advancing advocacy, belonging and/or policy impacts, how has the nominee advocated for inclusion, equity, and diversity, served as a role model, facilitated opportunities for others, and/or taken a stand on critical issues related to inclusion, equity, and diversity?
      3. How has the nominee generated innovative ways of improving the overall, organizational and cultural climate through different and sustainable activities?

Supplemental materials

No more than three letters of support from multiple sources which may include students/faculty/staff that are knowledgeable of the nominee’s qualifications.

Previous Inclusion, Equity and Diversity Leadership award recipients

  • 2021 - Lorraine Benuto, Associate Professor
  • 2020 - Eleni Oikonomidoy, Associate Dean and Professor
  • 2019 - Stephen Rock, Director and Professor
  • 2018 - Albert Lee, Associate Professor
  • 2017 - Melanie Duckworth, Associate Dean and Associate Professor