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Responsibilities of the College Dean and Department Chair

The College Dean and the Department Chair sign the Transmittal form to endorse the PI as follows:

  • The Department agrees that the individual is eligible to be a PI at the University of Nevada, Reno
  • The PI has, in general terms, the knowledge, time, and ability to work toward completion of the scope of work.
  • The Department will take responsibility for the conduct of the agreement if the PI is not capable, able, or willing to complete the terms of the agreement. This includes over-expenditures or non-payments, which are the result of fault by the PI.
  • The PI has the resources available which include equipment, space, and support to complete the scope of work. If resources are not available, that support is requested in the proposal or there is a pre-negotiated agreement with all appropriate University parties that the space, equipment, and/or support will be provided if the award is made.
  • The Department Chair is aware of any potential conflict of interest and is willing to manage, eliminate, or minimize as required by the UNR conflict of interest policy and federal regulations.
  • The Department Chair is aware of any cost sharing/matching commitments, is aware of the source of the cost share/matching; and assures necessary commitments will be in place prior to the award.
  • The Department Chair(s) of Co-PIs are aware of their participation and, if needed, have negotiated a Facilities & Administrative split if the Co-PIs are in different departments.
  • That the Co-PIs have the resources available similar to all of the above.

Financial Aspects

  • You reviewed the budget.
  • You agree with any matching and cost sharing requirements including both cash and in-kind.
  • You agree with any commitment for distribution of returned F&A.
  • You, your college, and your department will take reasonable responsibility for over-expenditures and/or lack of reimbursement from the sponsor due to non-performance of the University researcher(s).


  • You have agreed to any proposed space allocation or renovation as indicated in the proposal or on the transmittal
  • You agree with any commitment of time proposed, including any proposed re-assignment from teaching during the academic year
  • No undergraduate or graduate student's education/research will be compromised by his or her participation in the project


  • The PI qualifies to be a principal investigator by University standards and your department is committed to supporting the project.
  • The proposal is compatible with the PI's expertise and capability.

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