Conflict of interest disclosure instructions

  1. Go to the InfoEd website
  2. Log on using your UNR Net ID and password
  3. If you see a spinning wheel icon telling you to wait while something loads, ignore it and proceed with the following instructions.
  4. Click on "External Interests".
  5. Click on "Update".
  6. Read the information on the Welcome Page. Click on “Create/Update COI Disclosure.”
  7. On the following page, a) view the brief video on COI disclosures if you have not already done so; b) indicate whether or not you are an employee or affiliate of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine by clicking “Yes” or “No”; c) review any of the COI policies that you are not familiar with.
  8. The next page is an initial screening page. Move your mouse over underlined words or phrases for definitions. Change your screen to full-screen view to better read the definitions. Especially important are the reporting exclusions – you may have financial interests that do not need to be disclosed.
  9. If you have previously submitted a COI disclosure, your responses on the initial screening page should pre-populate. Change your responses if your situation has changed since the previous disclosure.
  10. Respond to each of the five screening questions, then click on the "Next" button at the bottom of the page.
  11. If you responded “No” to each of the five screening questions, or if you only responded “Yes” to question #5, the next screen will be the Certification page. Skip to step 17 below. However, if you responded “Yes” to one or more of questions #1 – 4, InfoEd will display pages with detailed follow-up questions.
  12. For example, if you responded “Yes” to the question about Financial Interests, InfoEd will start a series of follow-up questions. Start by clicking on the “Add" button.
  13. Follow-up questions about your interest in that entity will follow. If you have a previous disclosure, InfoEd will prepopulate many of the fields on the detailed screening pages. However, you still need to read through each page carefully as new questions may have been added since your previous disclosure. You must respond to all questions before your disclosure can be submitted.
  14. If you have financial interests in other entities, repeat the process by clicking “Add” button again. When you are done adding financial interests, click "Next" button at the bottom of the page to move on.
  15. Follow the same procedures for any "Yes" responses about external relationships, student impact and paid travel.
  16. Once you have entered all your disclosure information, the Certification page will display.
  17. Click on the "Certify and Submit" button.
  18. IMPORTANT: Your disclosure will not be complete until you have submitted it.
  19. After your disclosure has been submitted, you can view or print a copy of it by clicking on the pdf button next to the submitted date.
  20. After your form has been successfully submitted, close the page.
  21. All disclosures must be updated annually and within 30 days of the acquisition or discovery of a new significant financial interest.

What happens after a disclosure is submitted?

If any of your responses indicate that you may have a conflict of interests, the COI Designated Official will review your disclosure and may follow up with additional questions. If necessary, your disclosure will also be reviewed by the faculty COI Committee. You will receive email updates regarding the review process.

If it is determined that an outside interest will result in an actual or perceived conflict with your University responsibilities, the COI Designated Official will work with you to create a plan to manage the conflict, if possible. In rare situations, the conflict is unmanageable and the COI Designated Official will go over your options with you.

A managed COI is not a problem. An undisclosed, unmanaged COI is a problem.

Where to get assistance with your COI disclosure

Michele Dondanville
Research Compliance Program Manager
Research & Innovation
218C Ross Hall
(775) 784-6360