Situations that could negatively impact students

To protect students' rights as researchers and scholars, faculty conducting research must disclose potential, perceived, or actual conflicts of interests that may emerge from student involvement in that research.

What must be disclosed?

  • Restrictions of student publication or communication rights when the research is the basis for evaluation of the student or fulfillment of degree requirements.
  • All present or proposed activities or relationships that may affect the objectivity of the research or scholarship, give the appearance of being motivated by private financial, gain, or involve unacceptable commitments for a scholar/researcher.
  • Situations in which a student is working on a project that is driven primarily by commercial considerations and the sponsor is involved in the direction of the research.
  • Situations in which students are working for a company in which the faculty member has a significant financial interest and the students are enrolled in courses taught by the faculty member, or who are under the faculty member's supervision.
  • Faculty must disclose to students their financial or business interests in a company when a student is working on a project that could be of financial interest to that company.