Licenses may be required from the Department of State, Department of Commerce, or other regulatory authorities for the export of University-owned equipment, technology, or services. Licenses from the Department of the Treasury may be required for international activities or for transactions with certain entities. Additionally, licenses may be needed in order for foreign nationals to access controlled items, technology, or information at the University.

The Export Control Officer and the Empowered Official are the only individuals at the University of Nevada, Reno authorized to apply for licenses. In the event a license is required, the Export Control Officer or the Empowered Official, with the advice of the Office of General Counsel as required, will prepare the necessary documentation for the license application.

It can take weeks or sometimes even months for an authorizing agency to respond to a license request. Until a license is approved, or the agency determines that a license is not required, the export or activity in question must be put on hold.

To request an evaluation of a proposed activity for possible license requirements, contact Michele Dondanville at (775) 784-6360 or