Research security

In response to increasing concerns of foreign government interference and exploitation of federally funded research, the U.S. government has recently issued multiple policies aimed at protecting the results of federally funded research. Policies such as the National Security Presidential Memorandum on U.S. Government-Supported Research and Development (NSPM-33) address the risks of intellectual property theft through malign practices such as:

  • Violation of data confidentiality in the peer review process
  • Inappropriate transfer of U.S. intellectual property to file patents outside the U.S.
  • Undisclosed researcher appointment/affiliations outside the U.S. that duplicate projects funded by U.S. federal agencies

The goals of NSPM-33 are to:

  • Protect America’s national security while promoting openness in the research community
  • Make requirements clear so that well-intentioned researchers can easily and properly comply
  • Ensure that policies do not fuel xenophobia or prejudice

In January 2022, the National Science and Technology Council issued guidance for implementing NSPM-33, which provided information on establishing research security programs to address the concerns identified in NSPM-33.

The University of Nevada, Reno is committed to compliance with all federal research security regulations. Current and evolving University policies and procedures are explained here and will be updated as federal regulations become finalized.

Disclosure requirements and standardization

Research security & training

NSPM-33 requires a certification – from research organizations awarded more than $50 million per year in total federal research funding – confirming that they have implemented a research security program. The University of Nevada, Reno plans to establish a compliant research security program in advance of the anticipated deadline of February 2024. The University already meets several of the requirements.

Research security point of contact

The University of Nevada, Reno research security point of contact with responsibility for the implementation and oversight of the research security plan is the Vice President for Research and Innovation, Mridul Gautam.

Mridul Gautam will work in close consultation with the Vice President for Information Technology, Sasi Pillay.