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Department Faculty and Staff

For a list of Emeritus faculty

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Amy Altick

Amy Altick, Ph.D.

Lecturer II

(775) 784-6679

David Alvarez Ponce

David Alvarez-Ponce, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-5735

Jeffrey Baguley

Jeffrey G. Baguley, Ph.D.

Lecturer III

(775) 784-4928

Patricia Berninsome

Patricia Berninsone, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-1391

Charlotte Borgeson

Charlotte Borgeson, Ph.D.

Lecturer III

(775) 784-8055

Kevin Carman

Kevin R. Carman, Ph.D.

Professor, Executive Vice President & Provost

(775) 784-1740

Sudeep Chandra

Sudeep Chandra, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-6221

Scott Clark

Scott Clark, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-4483

Lee Dyer

Lee Dyer, Ph.D.

Professor, Biology & Director, Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Graduate Program

(775) 784-1360

Chris Feldman

Chris Feldman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 784-4053

Matt Forister

Matt Forister, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-6770

Jack Hayes

Jack Hayes, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair

(775) 784-6076

Guy Hoelzer

Guy Hoelzer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-6188

Zeb Hogan

Zeb Hogan

Research Assistant Professor

(775) 682-6066

Jennifer Hollander

Jennifer Hollander, Ph.D.

Lecturer III

(775) 784-1793

Thomas Kidd

Thomas Kidd, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-6669

Minkyung Kim

Minkyung Kim, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

(775) 784-6356

Anne Leonard

Anne Leonard, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 784-1932

Grant Mastick

Grant Mastick, Ph.D.

Professor, Co-Director of Neuroscience BS Program, Co-Director Integrative Neuroscience Graduate Program, Co-Director Cell Biology Center for Biomedical Research Excellence

(775) 784-6168

Dennis Mathew

Dennis Mathew, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 784-6052

Pedro Miura, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-7004

Thomas Parchman

Thomas Parchman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 784-4484

Mary Peacock

Mary Peacock, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-1958

Vladimir Pravosudov

Vladimir Pravosudov, Ph.D.


(775) 784-1271

Elena Pravosudova

Elena Pravosudova, Ph.D.

Lecturer III and Associate Chair

(775) 784-1704

Lora Richards

Lora Richards, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor

(775) 784-6141

Pamela Sandstrom

Pamela Sandstrom, Ph.D.

Lecturer II

(775) 784-6681

Angela Smilanich

Angela Smilanich, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 784-1302

Steve Vander Wall

Stephen Vander Wall, Ph.D.


(775) 784-6583

Jamie Voyles

Jamie Voyles, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(720) 883-2341


Wei Yan, Ph.D.


(775) 784-7765

David Zeh

David Zeh, Ph.D.

Vice Provost for Graduate Education, Dean of the Graduate School

(775) 784-6869

Jeanne Zeh

Jeanne Zeh, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

(775) 784-1648

Yong Zhang

Yong Zhang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(775) 682-7896

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