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Although water is ubiquitous on the Earth, high quality freshwater for humans and natural ecosystems is scarce and valuable.

Because distribution of water resources is uneven across the globe, water issues are complex and challenging, and increasing pressures on water resources are driven by large-scale perturbations such as climate change, invasive species, dam development and diversions, pathogen occurrence, nutrient deposition, pollution, toxic chemicals, and increasing and competing human demands.

These problems are multidimensional and require integrative, data-driven solutions that cannot be tackled and resolved by isolated scientific disciplines or single investigators. Additionally, there is urgent need to translate basic science and research into actionable solutions accessible to a variety of stakeholders at local, regional, national, and global scales.

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Our mission is to respond to global demands for creative, integrative approaches in addressing water issues.

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The impact of our research, and the outreach of our faculty and associates spans across the globe.

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