World Languages & Literatures clubs

The World Languages & Literatures Department offers students the chance to participate in clubs where they can practice learned language skills. Language clubs are a great opportunity to have casual conversations in a comfortable setting while practicing a new language. Find out more about how to participate in one of the clubs below.

Sinai club pose in in Middle Eastern dress in front of Midde East food dishes

Sinai Club (Arabic)

  • For inquiry, contact Dahlia Dwedar at (775) 784-6055.

Spanish club pose with astronaut

Spanish Club

  • When: Fridays, 1 — 2 p.m.
  • Where: PSAC Room 113
  • No te pierdas ninguna presentación. Te esperamos
  • For additional information, please contact
  • To become a member, please like us on Facebook @UNRSpanishClub