Financial support and teaching assistantships

The program welcomes applications for Graduate Teaching Assistantships (GTAs), which offer a stipend of $16,000 per year, a substantial reduction in tuition costs, an out-of-State tuition waiver and health insurance (for more details, please consult the Graduate School). GTAs may also apply for temporary teaching positions in the department's summer school sessions.

Overview of graduate assistantship positions

Deadlines for graduate assistantship applications

Applications for graduate assistantships are accepted year-round, but applicants must have all materials on file in the department by March 15 to ensure full consideration for the Fall and Spring semesters, and by December 15 to ensure full consideration for the following Spring and Fall semesters. Re-appointments for a second year are made at the department's discretion and are usually granted for students who maintain high academic standards and good teaching performance.

Applicants who are not awarded a graduate assistantship, but who are admitted to the graduate program and enroll in at least three graduate credits in the department, may reapply simply by sending an email to the graduate director expressing interest and noting that they completed an application the previous semester. Applicants who do not enroll in at least three graduate credits in the department must reapply online.

Graduate assistant requirements

Graduate assistants are required to be enrolled in and satisfactorily complete a minimum of six graduate credits in this department each semester, as well as to maintain the minimum GPA requirements set by the Graduate School.

Duties of graduate assistants

Graduate assistants are required to attend all orientation and program coordination meetings. Graduate teaching assistants normally teach one or two lower-division courses in Spanish or lead two Core Humanities discussion sessions each semester, as required by the department. Fall semester duties begin the fourth week of August and end the third week of December; Spring semester duties begin the third week of January and end the third week of May (the Spring semester includes a one-week break).

Graduate assistant selection process

Graduate teaching assistants are selected on the basis of their academic and scholarly records and their promise of high achievement in graduate study and teaching.

How to apply for a graduate assistantship

To apply, please go to the applications and prerequisites page. When completing your application, be sure you have checked the box indicating interest in being considered for an assistantship.

Other funding for graduate students

Graduate Student Association funding

All graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for travel grants to attend national and international conferences, as well as for various competitive grants, awards and scholarships. Computer loans, child care scholarships and health care emergency scholarships are also available through the GSA.

Student financial aid office 

A financial aid guide and other useful information is available at the student financial services office

Thomas R. Pickering foreign affairs fellowships

Students interested in foreign service and careers with the State Department may also (or only) apply for Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowships, which cover the costs (for two years) of pursuing the M.A. in a foreign language. For details, visit the Thomas R. Pickering website.