Scholarships and internships

Students stand on stage with scholarship awards

Department Awards and Scholarships

How to Apply

  1. To be considered for any and all awards and scholarships, you only need to complete the Graduate and Undergraduate Scholarship (GUS) Application by February 1st.
  2. Some scholarships require you to show financial need. To increase your chances and qualify for those, submit your FAFSA before February 1st. If you are not eligible to complete the FAFSA, be sure to submit the Institutional Methodology for FAFSA-Ineligible Students (IM) by February 1.
  3. After you submit your form, check your MyNevada to-do list regularly, in case any additional documentation is required.

All amounts stated below are contingent upon fund availability.

External funds

Federal grants and scholarships

Private sector grants and scholarships

Foreign languages teacher grants and scholarships