Applied opportunities for success

Study what you love Select one of the many great majors in the College of Liberal Arts and pair it with applied opportunities or cross disciplinary coursework to find a field that you love.
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Applied courses/pathways All of our departments and majors have applied pathways and coursework to help you get the desired skills and direct experience needed for your career after graduation.
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Be part of a community Get involved on campus by joining a student club, running for office in student government, participating in volunteer work, or applying for a student job on campus.
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Internships Find internships as early as your first year. Work with government agencies, cultural institutions, non profits and businesses. You will receive academic credit and gain real world experience.
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Research projects & study abroad Apply for an undergraduate research grant, work with a faculty mentor and investigate an issue. Scholarships are available to study abroad with 50+ programs. Some even have internships!
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Find your dream job With all the experience you gain from our applied pathways, your resume will shine! Leverage your internship, liberal arts education and professional network to fnd a career you love.
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Our applied liberal arts initiative provides students with more focused directions for their employment future. Take a look at the variety of pathways we’ve developed, which are organized below by department. Some pathways are interdisciplinary and will thus show up in more than one department or even with an area outside our College.

Also, check out the pathway to medicine and find out suggested courses to take to earn a bachelor's degree that may prepare you for medical school in the future.

Explore career opportunities

There are thousands of career options our liberal arts students can choose to go into after graduation. Here’s a sample of some of the types of professions an applied liberal arts student could pursue.