Connecting with our community

We want to share history, culture and creativity with more than just our University campus. Come explore one of our museums.

Glass display case with anthropology artifacts

Anthropology Museum

Old printing press

Black Rock Press

Display case with mini art sculptures

The Lilley Museum of Art

Students sitting in shared history space

Shared History Museum

Performing Arts Series

The Performing Arts Series was created from the community’s request for local performances and outreach activities by national and international touring artists. Experience what this season offers.

Performing Arts Series

Featured outreach and engagement activities

From conversations on important social issues, to documenting indigenous heritage, the College of Liberal Arts engages with the community in meaningful ways.

Two people sit at table talking and recording podcast

Elevating Humanity: A podcast of the College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts launches new podcast featuring faculty research and creative work

The literacy program team posing dressed as superheroes

University’s “Super Readers are Superheroes” literacy program team members participate in the 2019 Run for Education

The program has helped over 500 students gain confidence and reading skills

Seven undergraduate students from Paiute, Shoshone and Washoe tribes graduated from the field school and were awarded a “College of Liberal Arts at University of Nevada, Reno, Award for Collaborative and Indigenous Archaeology.”

Field school helps bring Indigenous perspectives to research

Anthropology students combine tribal knowledge, learnings to help ‘decolonize archeology’