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We encourage our students to find their passion in college and choose a major in a subject they truly want to study. But we also set them up for success in the future by providing skills such as writing, communication, critical thinking and analytical aptitude that are needed in a variety of careers. In addition, liberal arts majors are compensated just as well as other graduates over their lifetime. For these reasons and others, a liberal arts degree helps set students up for a successful future.

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Making Better Futures

Read what others are saying about the liberal arts.

"The employee who can make a compelling sales presentation, who can communicate succinctly via email, sound persuasive on the phone, write a complex business plan … is the one who will succeed in the 21st century workplace." — Lisa Nielsen, Chron

"Within this generation is a growing recognition that liberal arts grads — working alongside engineers — are a key ingredient to sustaining innovation." — Daniel Araya and Creig Lamb, The Brookings Institution

"Art, literature, history, and other branches of the humanities are vital for developing our emotional intelligence - essential to understanding ourselves and others." — Peter Salovey, President, Yale University

". . . in the long run it's the people with the liberal arts backgrounds who end up being CEOs." — Anna Moro, associate dean of humanities, McMaster University, quoted in The Atlantic.

"What helps you thrive in a changing world…may just well be social science, and, yes, even the humanities and the arts that contribute to making you not just workforce ready but world ready." — Valerie Strauss, The Washington Post

"This focus on the wider world, and the sense of duty to that world that is instilled in students, may be one reason why liberal education is so tied to equity and social justice." — Alexandra Vollman, INSIGHT Into Diversity

After graduation

The knowledge and skills acquired in our College give our graduates the edge to adapt in a changing world and to succeed in many prominent organizations. Here is a sample of where some of our graduates have been employed.

Company logos: Bally, Pivotal Ventures, ebay, Department of State, Sparks Police, GE, University of Nevada, Reno, Zulily, Tesla

The liberal arts experience

For more about the value of a liberal arts education, read what our alumni have to say.

Alessandro Figueroa

"The Department of Political Science allowed me an opportunity to have an internship with the Nevada State Legislature where I received first-hand experience on how activism meets policy and how the two fields interact with one-another. " Alessandro Figueroa (Political Science ), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Graduate Student

Sara Garey-Sage

"I think the arts enrich our lives, literature enriches our lives, and personally as a history student, I think it’s important to understand our past so we can better protect our future."Sara Garey-Sage (History), University of Nevada, Reno Graduate Student

Kellen Parker

"I’ve learned the principles of design, what it’s actually like to create 3D projects and put those skills to use. I was able to apply to an internship with NASA and I successfully completed the 10-week program. It was an amazing experience that I never would have thought I would have had the opportunity before." Kellen Parker (Graphic Design ), Current Student

Abigail Rosen

"Being a part of the College of Liberal Arts opened me up to so many more opportunities to engage with media, content and ideas that have only supported and pushed me on the path of being a more well rounded and experienced artist." Abigail Rosen (Theatre & Dance), Instructor, Theatre Works of Northern Nevada & Private Acting & Singing Teacher