Add, change or remove a major or minor

Updating your major or minor at the University is relatively simple.

Steps to add or change a major or minor

  1. Review the requirements for your desired major or minor in the current General Catalog. Be aware that some programs have specific requirements for entry and for graduation.
  2. Take note of the college, school, or department that houses your program of interest.
  3. Contact the appropriate advising office or academic advisor to request an advising appointment to discuss the major/minor requirements.
  4. If you are eligible to declare the major/minor, you and your academic advisor will complete and sign a declaration form. Once the form is processed by Admissions & Records, your new major/minor will be reflected in your MyNevada account.

Declaring a Liberal Arts major or minor

If your desired major or minor is housed in a liberal arts department or included on the list of liberal arts programs, you may contact the College of Liberal Arts Student Center or reach out to a faculty mentor for an advising appointment. If you are requesting an appointment during the winter or summer breaks, please contact the CLA Student Center to schedule with a College advisor.

Note: As of January 1, 2020, students who are not currently pursuing a major within the College of Liberal Arts must meet with a College advisor in the CLA Student Center before they can declare any liberal arts major. Faculty mentors will not be able to complete the major declaration paperwork with non-CLA majors.

Declaring a major or minor in another college or school

If your desired major or minor is not housed in the College of Liberal Arts, you will need to contact the appropriate college, school or department to seek advising for the program. Visit the University’s Academic Advising webpage to locate contact information for advisors in other academic units.

Current liberal arts majors wishing to change to or add a major outside of CLA are encouraged to seek advising from the appropriate college-level academic advising office, to help ensure that you receive advising on all core and college-level requirements you may need to pursue your desired major program.

Note: Students that wish to declare a degree program housed in both CLA and another college (such as the PackTeach dual-degrees or the Journalism/Spanish Media double-major) will need to meet with both a CLA College advisor and an advisor in the other college/school.

Steps to remove a major or minor

  1. You are encouraged to consult with an academic advisor prior to removing a major or minor plan so you are aware of any potential ramifications of doing so.
  2. Visit Request to Remove a Major or Minor and click the “request service” button.
  3. Complete the form. An academic advisor’s permission is not required to remove a major or minor.

Note: Degree-seeking students must have at least one major declared. If you wish to remove all major programs from your account but are uncertain what major plan to pursue, please seek advising from the Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center.