Contact your Faculty Mentor

The following students will need to meet with a college advisor BEFORE meeting with a faculty mentor:

  1. New, incoming first-year students (advising typically occurs as part of summer orientation);
  2. New, incoming transfer students;
  3. Students pursuing a major in another college/school at the university who want to change their major or add a major in the College of Liberal Arts;
  4. Students on Academic Recovery; and
  5. International exchange students (please email General Liberal Arts advisor LJ Johnson at to start).

Faculty Mentor directory

Faculty mentors are a great resource if you need help with any of the following:

  • Graduate and professional school planning
  • Exploring internship and career opportunities related to your program
  • Questions about requirements or course substitutions in a major/minor program
  • Selecting specific major/minor classes to meet your academic or professional interests

For any other liberal arts programs not listed below, please contact the College of Liberal Arts Student Center.

Faculty Mentors are typically on ten-month contracts and are not always available over summer and winter breaks. If yours is unavailable, please contact the College of Liberal Arts Student Center.