Travel Support

The College of Liberal Arts provides travel funding for the purpose of faculty development. Additional travel support may be available from other university sources, such as departments, the Vice President for Research and Innovation, Graduate Student Association, etc.


Any full-time, regular academic faculty member in the college is eligible to receive travel support from the Dean for one trip per year, provided that they are participating, presenting, performing or exhibiting in a professional venue. The Travel Support Program does not fund mere conference attendance. Faculty members on sabbatical or faculty development leave are eligible for travel support. The Dean’s account is not able to provide support for contingent lecturers or postdoctoral fellows. Travel funds from the college are awarded as follows, budget permitting:

  • A maximum of $900 for domestic travel is available each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) or
  • A maximum of $1,250 for international travel is available each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30)

Funds may be used to pay for transportation costs, conference registration fees, per diem and lodging.

Travel expenses for meetings in support of professional service (e.g. as an officer in a professional association, as a chair or discussant at a professional conference, as an editor for a professional journal) can be funded, but only to a maximum of 50% of the limits established under this travel support policy.

Process for requesting College of Liberal Arts travel funds

  • All travel must be preceded by a Spend Authorization in Workday. Travel is not authorized until the Spend Authorization is completed and approved. Spend Authorization instructions can be found in the Workday Knowledge Base.
  • Domestic travel Spend Authorizations must be submitted and approved five days prior to departure.
  • International travel requires approval from BCN Risk Management. An International Travel Authorization Request and International Travel Safety and Risk form must be submitted to BCN Risk Management at least 30 calendar days prior to the date of travel. Depending on the destination and nature of the trip, other documentation may be required.
  • Please attach the invitation or acceptance to perform or present to the Spend Authorization. Please obtain the Dean’s Travel Worktag from your Administrative Assistant or the college Fiscal Officer.

Process for reimbursement after travel

Travel Expense Reports must be submitted through Workday within 10 business days after returning from the trip. Expense Report instructions can be found in the Workday Knowledge Base.

Any faculty, staff, volunteers or students participating in travel sponsored by, related to, or affiliated with the University shall first submit applicable Spend Authorizations prior to the date of travel. International travel requests received fewer than 30 calendar days prior to the date of travel may not provide adequate time for review and may not be reimbursable. International travel authorization requests submitted after travel has been completed shall not be reimbursable.