Immersing students in language and culture

Join the exhilarating community of peers who are well-traveled, culturally aware and who can speak multiple languages. The Department of World Languages and Literatures welcomes all students with prior knowledge of a second language or not and gives them the opportunity to converse and better understand others. A language degree opens up numerous career opportunities in a variety of fields where language skills and culture are valued. The Department of World Languages and Literatures helps students to master another language and immerses them in the culture of which they study. Students who graduate from the program are able to communicate effectively with indigenous people and are culturally aware of their behaviors.

Student projects

Student French website project

Check out French major Pedro Sebastian Rosales-Valenzuela's project he made for a business French class where he designed a whole website in French.

Student Spanish community project

Check out Spanish major Shirin Rahmanifar's video presentation for her Spanish Service Learning course where she describes the experience she had.

World Languages & Literatures news

Noemi Gomez Martinez

Tu puedes, eres una luchadora

Alumna Noemí Gómez Martínez reflects on being a successful Latina in today‚Äôs world

Morrill Hall on the quad during summer

Another cohort of liberal arts faculty and staff join the University

The College of Liberal Arts hired 28 new faculty and staff members in the last year

"I aided children to be adopted, immigrants to migrate...I had applied concepts, theories and practices from the classroom to the work environment in our own society of Reno, Nevada."

Service-learning course helps Northern Nevada Latinx community

Spanish major translates legal documents to aid in immigration, adoption and social justice matters in local community