Frequently asked questions about World Languages and Literatures

  • How do I obtain credit by exam?

    As a rule, CBEs are not offered. However, exceptions can be made. The student will ​need ​first work with a faculty member to determine if credit by exam (CBE) is offered. Currently, CBEs are not offered for first-and-second-year language courses. Once the student has been given approval, go to admissions and records to pick up the form. They need to obtain all required signatures (it is their responsibility to take the form to each department). Once they have the signatures, they need to go to the cashier's office and pay the $25 fee. At that time, they can arrange to take the exam with ​the instructor who approved the CBE. The instructor will return the form with the grade and exam to Admissions and Records. 

    Students may not take CBEs for any course lower than those for which they have received credit. Also, CBEs may not be attempted in a particular course more than once and may not be earned in a course the student has failed or audited until after one calendar year has passed. Test credits are applicable toward meeting graduation requirements but are excluded when calculating the grade point average.

    Though the University of Nevada, Reno does not directly award credit for prior experiential learning, students may use their prior experience to earn credit via the approved examinations listed in the University catalog under "Admission, Transfer and Examination credit." 

  • What do I do if the class I want to take is full?

    Check MyNevada often. If one person drops the class and you are there at the right time, you will be able to add the class. If you do not succeed before classes begins, come to class on the first day. Many students change their minds about courses during the first week and drops occur. Speak with the instructor about the likelihood of adding the class during the first week.

  • How do I add a class if it’s full and I have instructor permission?

    If an instructor wants to add a student to a full class they need to inform the administrative assistant. The administrative assistant will verify the room capacity. If there is room, the instructor may complete the Add Student to Class Form. The student will take the form to Admissions and Records once complete.

  • How do I take an Independent Study or Thesis class?

    As a rule, independent studies are not allowed. However, exceptions can be made. The student needs to talk with the instructor. The instructor will contact the administrative assistant with approval of the student taking the class and the number of credits of the class. The administrative assistant will then give the call number to the student to enroll.

  • How do I add, change, or declare a major or minor?

    Complete the major or minor declaration forms from the Department of World Languages and Literatures and obtain a signature from an advisor. The student will then take the forms to Admissions and Records and the department.

  • Is there a language Placement Test and what is it?

    If you are continuing in the study of French or Spanish from high school or another institution, you are required to complete the survey and placement exam to be placed in the appropriate first-or-second-year language course. If you are a heritage language speaker of Spanish, you are required to complete the survey and a different placement exam to be placed in the appropriate Spanish heritage language course (SPAN 226, 227). For all other languages offered at the University of Nevada, Reno, contact an undergraduate advisor on placement into the basic first-or-second-year language program (111, 112, 211, or 212). For Spanish heritage language advising (SPAN 226, 227), contact Mr. Ortiz.

    Take the Spanish placement exam 

    Take the French placement exam

  • I’m unsure what classes to take – what should I do?

    The student will need to talk with an advisor about developing a schedule that works for them. Review the list of advisors.

  • How do I waive the language requirement for a language currently offered?

    The student will need to see an advisor. Waiving the requirement means the student does not receive credit. Note: Four full years of high school language equals two years at the University.

  • How do I waive the language requirement for a language that is not offered?

    The student needs to show transcript evidence of studying abroad in the country where that language is spoken or take a third-party language proficiency test for a fee. Contact the department chair for further details. The department chair will write a memo waiving the requirement and forward it to the Dean's office. Waiving the requirement means the student does not receive credit.