Examinations for M.A. in World Languages and Literatures

Comprehensive written examination

Students pursuing either the thesis or non-thesis option must complete a comprehensive written examination, which covers material one might reasonably expect a candidate for the M.A. to know, as reflected in the reading list developed by the chair and the Spanish faculty member of the A-E committee in consultation with the student. To that end, students must be registered in the comprehensive examination course (WLL 795) during the semester in which they plan to take the exams (see the timeline for degree completion).

The committee evaluates whether the student has completed the written examination satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily. No more than one retake of the examination, in whole or in part, is allowed. Any retake must take place by the end of the subsequent semester and no later. If, after completing the written exam (and, if the written exam is satisfactory, the oral exam), a student earns a grade of unsatisfactory (U), in-progress (X), or incomplete (I) in the examination course (WLL 795), that grade, which is determined by the student's A-E committee, must be improved to satisfactory (S) during the immediately subsequent semester, or the Graduate School will remove the student from graduate standing.

Comprehensive oral examination

No student shall undergo the final oral examination unless and until all parts of the final written examination have been completed with a grade of satisfactory (S). Students who have satisfactorily completed all parts of the written comprehensive examination are required to undergo a comprehensive oral examination (lasting no more than two hours) scheduled and directed by the student's A-E committee chair. If the student is pursuing the M.A. with thesis, the examination shall include a defense of the thesis, as well as questions related to the student's reading list. If the student is pursuing the M.A. without thesis, the examination may, at the A-E committee chair's discretion, include a presentation by the student, on a topic previously agreed upon by the A-E committee chair and the student.

The A-E committee determines whether the student has completed the examination satisfactorily or unsatisfactorily. The committee may allow, at its sole discretion, no more than one retake of the oral examination, in whole or in part. Any retake, if allowed by the committee, must take place in the subsequent semester and no later.