Spanish placement policy and test

The following information is intended to facilitate your placement in the correct Spanish course.

General Spanish Language program policies

The Basic Spanish Language Program (BSLP) consists of first- and second-year Spanish language instruction. The program consists of two, four-credit first-year courses (SPAN 111 and SPAN 112) and two, three-credit second-year courses (SPAN 211 and SPAN 212). These courses are not intended for native or heritage Spanish speakers. All four Spanish courses corresponding to the first two years (SPAN 111, 112, 211 and 212) must be taken in sequential order; you may not enroll in more than one of these courses during the same semester.

If you want to register for two or more consecutive face-to-face courses during the summer sessions and the fall semester (ex. SPAN 111 face-to-face in the first summer session, SPAN 112 face-to-face in the second summer session, and SPAN 211 in the fall), please email Mark Kay to waive the course prerequisites and to give you permission to enroll in the higher numbered course(s) based on your enrollment in the first course.

If you plan to take upper-division Spanish courses, or to minor/major in Spanish or Spanish translation, you should consult with an undergraduate Spanish advisor before enrolling in 300-level courses or above.

Placement in the first- and second-year Spanish courses are based on the following criteria:

Placement for students without prior knowledge of Spanish

Students who have never studied Spanish do not need to take a placement test and should enroll in SPAN 111. Please contact the department for permission to enroll.

Placement for students with prior knowledge of Spanish

Students who have taken the CBAPE or IB Spanish tests should consult the University Catalog for information on how their scores transfer to the University.

Students with questions or concerns about these policies should consult Mark Kay at