Language Requirement

If your college (Liberal Arts, Business, Journalism, Science, etc.) or degree (normally a B.A.) requires a foreign language requirement, you are required to demonstrate competence in a second language.

Successful completion of the foreign language requirement may be accomplished through one of four options:

  1. Complete a fourth semester (212) college course in a foreign language, SPAN 227 for Spanish heritage speakers, or in American Sign Language
  2. Demonstrate proficiency through examination or other means determined by the Department of World Languages and Literatures, including minimum CBAPE, SAT II, or IB scores, or assessment test score
  3. Show transcript evidence of successful completion of the fourth year of a foreign language in high school
  4. Participate in an accredited Studies Abroad program pre-approved by the college to meet the foreign language requirement.

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Placement exam information

If you are continuing in the study of French or Spanish from high school or another institution, you are required to complete the survey and placement exam to be placed in the appropriate first-or-second-year language course. If you are a heritage language speaker of Spanish, you are required to complete the survey and a different placement exam to be placed in the appropriate Spanish heritage language course (SPAN 226, 227). For all other languages offered at the University of Nevada, Reno, contact an undergraduate advisor on placement into the basic first-or-second-year language program (111, 112, 211, or 212). For Spanish heritage language advising (SPAN 226, 227), contact Mr. Ortiz.

Take the French placement exam online

Take the Spanish placement exam online

Native, international and heritage language students

For students who are international students or have native or heritage language proficiency in any language other than English and need to fulfill a college foreign language requirement and would like to use that language to fulfill it:

  1. Send unofficial scanned high school transcripts showing that you studied in the country that the language is spoken to the department chair.
  2. Complete a proctored, web-based, adaptive, proficiency exam testing reading, speaking, listening, and writing.  It is a four-part 2-to-3-hour test administered via AVANT (Stamp 4S) that you pay a fee for.
    1. Test taker guide
    2. Sample 4S test
    3. Scored needed: A score of "5" on all four skills is needed to waive the foreign language requirement. Review benchmark scores.
    4. Ready to take the two-hour test? After taking the test, inform the department chair so that your scores can be accessed and evaluated.

With the transcripts or proficiency test, you will be able to fulfill the requirement through a language waiver. Note, the waiver does not grant credits and credit by exam (CBE) is not offered for basic first-nor-second-year language courses.

Language requirement FAQs