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Arentz Student Center

Located in Laxalt Mineral Engineering Center, room 313, the Arentz Student Center is a place where students can gather to study and do homework, eat lunch, check e-mail and print, and just hang out with friends. Students can be added to the student listserv to receive announcements regarding scholarships, job and internships, and other student activities. The center can be reached by phone at 775-327-2056 or a message can be sent to the general email box at

Mackay Representatives

Be an ambassador for Mackay by providing assistance to the Coordinators of Recruitment and of Career Development. You'll be able to help in recruiting undergraduate students and ensuring the success of career-related events for Mackay and for the University. If you are interested in joining, complete this application and email it to

Student Organizations and Professional Clubs

Mackay Rockhounds Club

2018-2019 Rockhounds Club Officers

Student chapter of the American Institute of Professional Geologists. Our focus is to help students become familiar with the world of Earth Sciences by providing a community to connect them with our School, industry and the many opportunities that exist.  We help transform students into competent professionals through outside education and experience while providing an interactive and robust community having a strong member camaraderie. 

Left to right: Quentin Burgess: VP (geological engineering), Sage Gandolfo: President (geology), Matthew Pelligrino: Treasurer (geological engineering).

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John Mackay Club

2018-2019 JMC Club Officers

Student chapter of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration.  The club serves to connect students with industry, promote professional development, and provide a social outlet for students.  Each year the club sends members to the SME Annual Meeting, where they compete in a mine design competition and have traditionally placed very well.  The Club also fields multiple teams for the International Intercollegiate Mining Competition.

Left to right in photo: Sage Gandolfo: Historian (geology), Marcus Alsagoff: treasurer (mining engineering), Chris Hood: VP (mining engineering), Sergio Castaneda: President (mining Engineering), Adrian Murillo: underclassmen member at large (mining engineering), Nick Winter: upper classman member at large (mining engineering), Javier Gonzalez: secretary (metallurgical engineering).

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Geography Club

The goal of this organization is to provide its members with a friendly environment to enrich their knowledge and pursue their interests in geography. Our purpose is to help student to connect with each other, while learning through outdoor activities, giving back to the community all while having a good time.

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Nevada Resource Geoscientists (NRG)  Club

2018-2019 Nevada Resource Geoscientists club members

This club aims to foster interest in geoscience exploration for energy resources such as geothermal, oil, and gas. It specifically focuses on fostering career development through networking with industry professionals, technological seminars, educational workshops, and conferences. Additionally, field trips to geologic sites of interest promote the applied nature of geoscience exploration. Affiliated student chapters of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists and the American Association of Petroleum Geologists.

If you have more questions, please email

Mackay Muckers

2018-2019 Mackay Muckers Club Officers

The Mackay Muckers Mining Team is a club that practices old time mining techniques (Single Jack Drilling, Mucking, Gold panning...) in remembrance of the Sunshine Mine fire. The club will send a team(s) to the annual Intercollegiate Mining Competition. The competition hosts teams from all over the world, and the location rotates between the different mining schools around the world. Joining the Muckers is a great way to meet students from other schools and to network with alumni and professionals in the mining industry.

Left to right: Sage Gandolfo: treasurer (geology), Claire Roberts: President (Geological engineering), Austin Lemmons: Vice president (geological engineering)

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Funding for Mackay Student activities and clubs is provided by the generous support of Barrick.
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