Mineral Monday competition, 2021

The Mineral Monday team is proud to announce the Mineral Monday 2021 Video Competition! Channel your inner Garrett Barmore and share your love of Earth science with us.

Enter the competition

This year we are looking for entries in three different categories: Object Highlight, Earth Science Experiment Demonstration, and For the Love of Science! Entries must be submitted by June 01, 2021, but we will be sharing your entries with our audience throughout the spring. Review the categories and competition rules below, and get your cameras out!

Competition categories

Object Highlight

Videos will communicate interesting and entertaining information about an object or concept related to earth science. Think classic Mineral Monday episodes.

Earth Science Experiment Demonstration

Submissions should feature an activity or experiment that demonstrates an earth science concept. The activity should be accurate, fun, and able to be easily replicated by viewers. You can use an existing activity, but make it your own through the presentation.

For the Love of Earth Science!

This category is for filmmakers who are eight years of age or younger. Videos in this category will celebrate a love and interest in earth science. Filmmakers can feature favorite fossils, rocks, minerals, etc.

Competition rules

Please review the below rules before submitting your video.

Check out our past year's winner Vera van der Linden and the video she made with Garrett Barmore. Not only did Vera win the Mineral Monday competition, but this video won "Best Nevada Film" in the 2020 Sci-On Film Festival. We are lucky to have Vera back this year to help us judge the competition.

Want to know how Vera won? Watch her winning video entry!